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We think you'll love working with us.
EST. 2011

A digital studio crafting beautiful experiences.

We've been crafting beautiful websites, launching stunning brands and making clients happy for years. With our prestigious craftsmanship, remarkable client care and passion for design.

Gaming/Mobile Applications/Branding/Web Design/Graphics/Illustrations
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We think you'll love working with us.

Game Development

It starts with an idea and often a modification on an existing concept.

UI / UX Designing

UI & UX Design are the most vital design elements that integrate the user's experience with the product/brand.


Animation is the way for giving life to whatever you dreamt about.

Web Interactive

Web development includes different type of designs like static website, dynamic website.

Art & Illustration

Illustration art service. With our illustration rendering service handled by the team of skilled designers,artists we leave no stone unturned making it as real as the reality.

Graphic Design

Graphic design team gets in to the action and create a dream world for you.

We create digital experiences for brands.

We think you'll love our work.
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We love Illustrations

To put it simply, illustration gives visual cues of the focal subject in the form of simple drawings, sketches, paintings or photographs, anything that has image that can be remembered.

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We love Gaming

In spite of all the influx of technology, we keep creativity intact in design development of the games. Yet, once again it is important to match creativity with the best of the technology and thus the following software/tools are used for the same.

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We love Animation

We would love to understand your needs and getting the message out with elegance. Our animation team reflects high values with a mix of art, sound and animation designs which helps capturing viewers' attention instantly

Over 10 years we have
helping build brands.

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Broom Stick Run

Let us take you to a fantastic journey of a dreamland, where a kid imagines him sitting on a Witch'sBroomstick and passes by the hurdles faced by him. Try and face new challenges with this incredible game supported by great graphics and bewildering color blends. Broomstick Run being an Endless Runner game, would tempt you play again and again. The more you run, the more you earn.

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Hidden Words-Android/ios

Word game such as Hidden Words is not just for fun, but a great way of exercising your Brain. Expand your vocabulary and spelling Skills with Hidden Words.Pickup words from random characters and spell as many 3, 4, 5 & 6 letter words as you can before the timer run out. So beat the clock and spell as many as words you can.

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Snatcher Alien (ios-android) Game

Snatcher Alien- The Invasion Prepare yourself for an alien attack. Crazy Aliens come to the earth for snatch things like food, vegetables, animals, energy. Sound Crazy, but it's true. We need to save the earth from aliens. Inkcadre presents the Snatcher Alien- The invasion where we have Added 50+ challenging Different Level. Reach the target score or beat it to achieve 3 stars.