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June 9, 2018
June 9, 2018


Kids School Games provides 8 different educational and fun app that helps the young children and kids to groom and learn with fun.

Your kids will learn about the Fruits, Vegetables, Body Parts, Vehicles, Numbers, Colors, Music and Nature.

Our Educational games improve sharpness of kids as well as hand eye coordination.

Kids Educational games are games explicitly designed with kids’ educational purposes or educational value.

All types of games may be used in educational surroundings. Kids Educational games are games that are designed to teach kids about sure to subjects, expand their ideas, grooming with development, understand an historical event or culture, or aware about the start phase of life.

Pre-School games and educational games always give the clear idea about the games. Kids now learn Vegetable Names on their papa or mummy's smart phone.


1. 8 games consist in one game.
2. Kids can tap on the image to hear the name pronunciation.
3. Recognize Fruits, Vegetables, Body Parts, Vehicles, Numbers, Colors, Music and Nature.
4. Spell and pronounce of particular object.
5. Play sound smoothly.
6. Easy and fun navigation.
7. Actual pictures to give kids the real knowledge of Fruits and Vegetables.
8. All-important body parts included.
9. Clear body parts pronunciation to listen with clear picture.
10. Attractive pictures of Vehicles with sound.
11. A vehicle image will be shown along with its name.
12. Learn to count numbers from 1 to 10.
13. Kids learn numbers with pronunciation.
14. Tap the screen or button to repeat the letter and word.
15. Easy learning of colors.
16. ALL MUSIC INSTRUMENTS including piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, violin, viola, cello, flute. And etc.
17. Each Nature image category contains different photos with ability to speak its name.


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