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Customized Digital Cartoon and Caricatures

INKCADRE TECHNOSOFT has a team of talented, ambitious, cartoonist and caricaturist that are specialized in field of fine arts, illustrators, commercial artist having vast experience that work on trustful computer programs and gadgets to deliver high quality, customize cartoon, caricature as per requirement. Our artists would bring out your best features in the funniest way, making a wonderful cartoon or caricature that will certainly make heads turn. We offer them in all different sizes and provide fully customized options to make your picture truly stand out and made to utmost satisfaction.


Caricature and Cartoon - What’s the difference?

A CARTOON is a simplified illustration that has a quick, whimsical style to it. Anything can be drawn as a cartoon whether it’s a person, animal or scenery.
A CARICATURE is described as a portrait that has exaggerated features of a certain person or thing. A caricature can be rendered in two ways it can either be oversimplified or exaggerated.

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We provide stylized

  • Caricature for every occasion

    Whether you’re looking for a unique wedding reception idea, or want to keep guests (or kids!) entertained at a party, we’ll help you you create an atmosphere of fun that everyone will be talking about for a long time.
    Choose your event category below:
    Business, Wedding, Funny, Sport, Group, Party, Pet.

  • Kids caricature

    Kids love cartoons and would love to have their cartoon made which will definitely cheer them up instantly. Have one made with their pets or one with their best friend.

  • Cartoon Caricature

    Getting cartoons made into a caricature is always a great idea as they would naturally induce laughter. It looks catchy and adds a playful touch to your interior.

  • Celebrity caricatures

    Your favourite celebrity characters can be made into a canvas print. A caricature with these cartoons is a great idea and will not only highlight.


Get in touch with Inkcadre Technosoft to get more ideas to create wonderful caricatures and cartoons on canvas prints. Gift your loved ones with cartoon or caricature that can be used for photo gift, profile picture, t-shirt design, social network avatar and personalized stuff, advertising, promotional activities, business branding.

A professionally drawn cartoon or caricature make a fabulously fun and quirky gift that can surely raise a smile.

We are working on different illustration style like freehand digital , pencil finish, vector, realistic, semi-realistic, line art, comic strip, clip art..

To create cartoon and caricature we need to follow the steps as below:

Getting brief from client regarding purpose (file size, format , reference art style and image to work)
Prepare rough sketch.Getting up Feedback on work from the client.
Make required changes based on feedback received to create final files.
Finalize artwork files as per required medium are created & delivered to the client.

Join us, and we’ll help you do your best work.

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